Photo-Realistic Plant Pots for Poser and DS
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Studio Render, DS Specific Texture, click to enlarge
Background is Days of Cider (not included)
There are lots of great plants and flowers and shrubs and trees out there on the market, but some times you might be stuck for something to put them in. Here are three options for your planting needs, with photo realistic materials!
A small basic plant pot, a medium sized planter and a large amphora. All come with a pristine indoor texture and a more weathered, outdoor texture.

To install, extract the runtime folder from the zip into your Studio content/Poser folder (e.g "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\e frontier\Poser 7").
Poser users can find the pots in their Props library under 'Calida\Plantpots. Studio users can find the props in the same place, but loading inside Studio will automatically apply the Studio optimised textures.

NB - For best results in Poser, under the Render Settings, 'Use Displacement Maps' and 'Smooth Polygons' should be ticked.
Please also note that if you scale the pots up or down to allow for different sized plants, some adjustment of the tiling may be needed.
Stuck for something neat to put in the pots? Check out Lisa's Botanicles, where you can find some really awesome flowers and grasses and plants. We personally recommend the Hydrangeas! (pictured)

DS Render
Ps Render
Ps Render
DS Render