23 snow and ice shaders perfect for your winter or fantasy renders. Simply use your favourite archive extractor to drop the 'contents' folder in the zip file into your Studio folder, most often c:\Program Files\Daz\Studio.
You can then find the shaders in your content folder, under 'shaders\Calida\Winter Land-Christmas 08' Then simply select an object, highlight the surface you want the shader on, and double click the shader - you're done!

**Please note**
These Shader Presets require you to either have Studio 3 Advanced, or Studio 2+/Studio 3 Basic with HSS (Human Surface Shaders) to work correctly
By downloading this freeby, you agree to the Conditions of Use. Don't worry, it's not scary.
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The 'Human Surface Shaders' for Daz Studio (HSS for short) greatly enhances the standard surface settings that are available. Add second specularities, Fresnel, velvet effects and more with this powerful package.
free with the free Stephanie 4 Elite base!
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