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9 Free Textures for V4 Shoe Pack 2 'Pump'
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These freeby materials are for the stylish V4 Shoe Pack 2 from Daz. Why not team it up with the new Dynamic '50's Cocktail Dress' from Khory?
9 Beautiful new textures for the high heel pumps in the V4 Shoe Pack 2 , available from DAZ. Comes in both Ubershader and Human Surface Shader (HSS) versions, in these colours -

Black Silk
Dark Gray
Dark Lavender
Dark Red Lizardskin
Mock Alligator Brown
Mock Alligator Dark Brown
Red Lizard
Red Silk and

Simply unzip the main 'content' folder to wherever you store your Daz Studio files, and inside Studio navigate to the folder Studio 3\Materials\Calida\Shoe Pack 2 Pump or \HSS if you're using Studio 3 Basic. Select the shoes and double click a texture to apply it. This freeby is for Daz Studio only.

*Please note this freeby needs the V4 Shoe Pack 2 from Daz.
By downloading this freeby, you agree to the Conditions of Use. Don't worry, it's not scary.
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Dynamic 50's Cocktail Dress
V4 Shoe Pack 2