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A simple wall and floor prop with baseboard and rail. Ideal for many quick scenes - add a formica table and cheap chairs and you've he makings of a diner scene. Some elegant floor material, plush wall paper and a desk with a lamp, and you're in a library. Great for when you have a good idea and need a scene fast!
This Treasure Chest could fit into many settings, holding pirate booty, clothes in a bedroom, or gems in a forgotten temple! The lid opens and closes, the handles rotate, and there are 8 morphs to alter the handles' shape.
Whether you're celebrating the holidays, or just need some elgant candlesticks, these will add a touch of class to any scene.
We have a special freeby for those fairy-tale Hallowe'en renders - a four piece prop set, Poisoned Apple. It comes with a poison apple on a cushioned plinth, along with a spooky magic mirror! Poser6+/Studio2+
This moon with four different seasonal colours is propped for Poser and Daz Studio.
A classic golden hued goblet, ready propped for Poser or Daz Studio.
Real world refraction index for ice (1.39) used to create a convincing frosty effect on this fully smart-propped (for Milennium3 figures) wand.
6 Different time-saving poses to morph V4's eyes, that will make your V4 fantasy renders that bit more convinving. The shape of the eye has been altered for two different feline shapes, two avian, demon and fae.
**Please be aware you must have purchased the V4 Morphs or Morphs+ pack from Daz for these to work!**
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A realistically sized, metal frame full/double bed, with a simple mattress and bolster pillow. Perfect for adding a modern look to your bedroom!
Metal Frame Double Bed Prop, with Simple Mattress and Bolster Pillow
Barcelona Chair Prop for Poser and DS
This elegant design from 1928 is a style classic! Propped in two different sizes, realistic (75cm x 75cm x 75cm) and a larger, differently proportioned size, this Barcelona style chair comes in black leather with a chrome finished frame.  DS 3 and Poser 6+.
Atomic Age - Eames Coffee Table for Poser and DS

This Charles Eames inspired design of coffee table was an instant hit when it came on the market in 1946. The natural dovetailed Ash legs are molded to form an elegant curve, while the matching plywood table-top has an edge that is molded to make an indented center surface. Includes DS only materials.

Hourglass With Variable Levels for Poser and DS
This elegant hourglass might simply be to mark time - or the plaque might contain someone's name, grains of their life slipping away!  There are four levels of sand available, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty, so you can pick the one to suit your render.

Photo-Realistic Plant Pots for Poser and DS

There are lots of great plants and flowers and shrubs and trees out there on the market, but some times you might be stuck for something to put them in. Here are three options for your planting needs, with photo realistic materials!
Simple Wall and Floor Prop
Calida's Treasure Chest Articulated Prop

Christmas Candle Props
Poison Apple Prop Set
Feline, Avian and Demon Eye Morphs For V4

Feline, Avian and Demon Eye Morphs For V4

Golden Goblet Prop
Icy Snowflake Wand Prop
Four Barley Twist leg Tables for Poser and DS

Four Barley Twist leg tables, in different styles and different woods, complete with auto-loading Studio specific textures. You can get to each individual one from the links below-
Table 01, Table 02, Table 03, Table 04