Welcome to our page of stuff we find useful. Links to free goodies, tutorials, friends of ours, special offers, software we use and recommend (free and commercial) and even places to see CGI used in great ways.
Software we use
There's just no doubt that this is the software we use for the majority of our art work. It's mainly a posing and scene rendering tool, and contains no actual modelling tools beyond creating basic primitive shapes. That said with support for all Poser content and it's own native format, strong links to Hexagon and Carrara, a beautifully simple yet powerful user interface, with plug-in software that lets you do all kinds of things, it's the perfect start point for beginners and a powerful piece of software for experienced users. And it's free!
Hexagon 2.5
This piece of software is where we do most of our modelling. It's easy to use with lots of import/export formats, things like freehand modelling brushes, advanced 3d painting and a bridge to Daz Studio all make this very easy to work with.
If you don't want to spend any money on a modelling program, then Blender might just be the tool for you. It is a complex and powerful piece of software, and not always easy to get the hang of, but then on the plus side it is entirely free and Open Source, and there are plenty of tutorials around on the web. Oh, did I mention it has animation tools too?
While Photoshop and Paint Shop tend to be the industry standard, they can be expensive image editors if you're only looking to touch up an image or fix some minor details in your post-work. The Gnu Image Manipulation Program (Gimp) is very similar to Photoshop (and even has a mod that makes the interface nearly identical) and is free. Can't beat free software!
New 3D Artists Start Here
I'd be pretty remiss if I didn't point out Daz's very own tutorial page. Covers many programs, Studio, Carrara, Poser and more.
Lots of nifty tricks for Daz Studio to be found here.
This well respected broker not only sells products, but has multi-platform tutorials for just about every piece of 3d (and 2d!) software out there.
This is a brand new page and is being updated almost hourly! So please bear with me as I get all the info online.
Places to find great free 3d stuff
What could be more handy than a search engine dedicated to finding free models and other resources?
Interesting new 3d software
Improve your software skills
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