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Skin tight vinyl ..choices

November 17th, 2012

I’m not sure that these selections for Black November vendor product and fast grab were the way to go. Of course if your into the full body suit today is your day!

First is the new product, which comes with a really big gun! Genesis hyper Suitby midnight stories is pretty impressive looking and at $7.98 the price is impressive too.

Second suit option is Galexy for Genesis by Oskarsson. A bit out there but still a valid suit choice at $ 5.09. This does not look like it has been updated for poser compatability yet by the way.

Fast grab also has Ron’s cobwebs, Thark-Tars character and 4 DAZ Originals. Find them all here

Black November At DAZ

November 16th, 2012

While I will never be as good as Simon was at keeping track of fast grab (now with PA products) I’m going to make an effort to post the things I can give a good review on them and do posts to new products more regularly. That said I saw something in fast grab tonight that  I don’t have but ..the PA who did it is an absolute doll! A bright loft by Bluebird3D is a steal at $5.09. Here is a quick link if you want a peek at all the Fast grab for today. 

I was also looking at Leon and the night which is a new product in the store by Raiya that is 50% off right now. Maybe it is me but get a real “buffy” vibe from the night morph. Leon by the way has really pretty eyes.

DAZ Anouncment for poser users

October 11th, 2012

Users of the newest version of Poser now have a quick and easy way to use genesis!

DAZ info page

Forum thread

DSON importer Guide - Draft

It is drive in time!

October 9th, 2012

I’ve been thinking a drive-inwould be great for years. Not just for finally having a good excuse to use all those old cars that keep coming out but because it would be such a good opportunity to do B movie renders to put on the screen. Because it is plat club anniversary there are several items out as well that follows the theme.

There are two bundles so you get more for less. extravaganza-1 has the main drive-in, a genesis male outfit, some add on textures, the plants that go with the cottage from several years ago and oddly enough a vintage baby stroller.

Extravaganza-2 has an alternate texture for the driving, a genesis women’s outfit, a car and some alternate textures. Including one for that stroller I don’t get the logic of.

Here is a link to the new plat releases so you can look at all the individual items.

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