How to make materials in Daz Studio that you can distribute for others as free resources. A beginners guide to applying, saving and packing your own freebies!
A Beginners Guide to Making Freebie Materials in Daz Studio
Learn how to add an ambient glow map to your Daz Studio renders, by Khory.
A guide on making Poser 5 and 6 materials look correct in Daz Studio, and how to save Daz Studio files to use in products.
Page 1 - an overview of materials
Page 2 - Converting Poser Bump Settings For DS
Page 3 - Converting Poser Displacement Settings For DS
Page 4 - Saving your Daz Settings for Re-use or Re-sale
Tutorials for Daz Studio and Poser
Ready to shake up your runtime some? Shaders may just be the way to do it. Without the lengthy process of creating a new texture you can blend together various elements from different outfits to create a new look.
Using shaders in Daz/Studio is really fairly simple and knowing the correct steps and a few tricks can make using them even more interesting for you. - Khory
Learn how to get just great looking Daz Studio renders for your Avatar portrait. Handy tips on camera and render settings, by Khory

"There is no single perfect fix that will give you just the right settings for every skin texture. There are to many variables and personal preferences for me to be able to say "do this and it will be perfect". And every one has different aesthetics that may not be the same.."
By Khory

If you purchased 'Daz Studio 3.0 Advanced' and want to use shader presets that require the Human Surface Shader, but don't own the product,  it is now possible to substitute the UberSurface base that is included with the Advanced version. To do this, you're going to be adding an extra step and occasionally, the UberSurface will behave badly but over all it is a workable substitution.
Texture based shaders created with Studio Advanced and the HSS can be scaled so that you get just the right look. Creators try and aim for a scale that is flexible and most likely to work for many objects. But they can't always account for the way the object has been mapped by its maker and sometimes to get the best look you will want to adjust the scale on objects. Changing the scale is simple and once you know how to judge getting the tiling amount right can be easy.

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A Guide to Scale and Tiling in Daz Studio
Use Studio 3's UberSurface as a Substitue for HSS
Fixing Skin Surface Settings for Daz Studio
Rendering an Avatar Image, Sized for Forums, in DS
Using Shaders in Daz Studio
Converting Poser Materials to Daz Studio
Using Ambient Glow in Daz Studio