This is a really simple way to add some "glow" to renders in studio without post work.
First your going to want to open a template or base texture for the character you want to add your pattern to. If you use the texture be sure to make a copy of it and close the original so nothing happens to it.
Then on top of the template or texture you're going to add two layers. The one directly above the template will be flood filled with black. You can turn this one off until time to make your final image.
On the top layer add your pattern. When you're first starting with this technique don't be frustrated if the "glow" isn't what you wanted or expected. It will take some trial and error to get use to how colors work with this method.
Save the image as a JPG. Be sure to check the best way to save JPG's with your paint program so that your pattern will degrade the least. You should end up with an image that looks something like this.
For this tutorial the black background is important to make sure that the "glow" only happens on the places your have your pattern and that the skin texture will blend into the rest of the character.
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Adding an ambient glow map to DS renders