Use Studio 3's UberSurface as a Substitute for HSS
If you purchased 'Daz Studio 3.0 Advanced' and want to use shader presets that require the Human Surface Shader, but don't own the product,  it is now possible to substitute the UberSurface base that is included with the Advanced version. To do this, you're going to be adding an extra step and occasionally, the UberSurface will behave badly but over all it is a workable substitution.

Step 1: Load in the scene what ever you want to use the shader preset on.

Step 2: Select item in the scene that you will be working on. If your going to work on several items you can hold the Ctrl button down as you right click on the items in the scene tab you want to work with.

Step 3: In the surfaces tab, you select the surface area or surface (also known as material zones) that you want to apply the shader to.

Step 4: In DAZ Built-in-Content/UberSurface you click on the thumbnail for !UberSurface Base and apply that to the surface. The surface you have selected will turn black.

Step 5: Click on the thumbnail for whichever shader preset you want to apply. The shader will look different than in the final render, and you may want to alter the amount of tiling used, depending on how the shader looks on the surface you have applied it to.

That is all there is to it. If you want to test it out here is a link to our freebies. There are two sets of shader presets available for you to give it a try with.

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